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Patch: From the Shadows

New God

Baba Yaga

The Witch from the House with Chicken Legs –

  • CLASS :

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Passive – Multifaceted

      • Baba Yaga is known to be a witch but also a predator, a hunter and many other things. Each time Baba Yaga enters her home, she can leave it as a Hunter, an Assassin or a Warrior.
      • Gold Baba Yaga spends for her consummables and Relics is the same for all the four classes but Gold spent for her equipment is only spent for that class. Thus, Baba Yaga can have four different equipments but it’s not possible to sell an item from a class to another.

Questioning/Cutting/Hooks/Animal Control

      • Questioning (Warrior): Baba Yaga questions a God. Baba Yaga and that God are invulnerables and Immunes to Crowd Controt but cannot react in the meanwhile. An ennemy God cannot answer and is Stunned for a short duration after this. An ally Good finds the answer and gets a random buff within a Move Speed buff, a Penetration and Power Buff, a Health and Mana Regeneration Buff and a Sight Buff.
        • Skill Duration: 2s.
        • Stun Duration: 2s
        • Buff Duration: 3s/5s/8s/12s/20s
        • Move Speed Buff: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
        • Penetration Buff: 10/20/30/40/50
        • Physical Power Buff: 10/20/30/40/50
        • Magical Power Buff: 15/30/60/120/240
        • HPS Buff: 20/35/50/65/100
        • MP5 Buff: 15/20/35/50/75
        • Sight Buff: 500 units, can see through obstacles
        • Mana: 80
        • Cooldown: 20s
      • Cutting (Assassin): Baba Yaga throws three strikes in the opponent backs in front of her. If there is less than three opponents turning their back, a strike can hit multiple times. Each strike deals damage to opponents and disables one of his equipment items for a short duration. This skill can deal critical hits.
        • Damage: 80/120/160/200/250 (+30% of your Physical Power) per hit
        • Disable duration: 5s/10s/20s/30s/60s
        • Mana: 60
        • Cooldown: 13s
      • Hooks (Hunter): Baba Yaga has hooks coming out from her chest, dashing, dealing damage to ennemies in front of her. An ennemy God hit by both hooks will be Pushed Back.
        • Damage: 60/120/180/240/300 (+20% of your Physical Power) per Hook
        • Mana: 40
        • Cooldown: 9s
      • Animal Control (Mage): Baba Yaga takes control over a jungle monster or a summon. The target follows Baba Yaga and attacks her nearby ennemies. If Baba Yaga controls too many targets, the oldest one is freed and, if it’s a summon, disappears. Summons are not dispelled like they should be and stay until they are defeated. If the controled target is killed, Baba Yaga is the one earning Gold and Experience. Jungle Boss and mecanical or non-animal summons cannot be controled. Buff jungle monsters cannot be controled before this skill reaches level 3.
        • Target max: 1/3/5/7/10
        • Mana: 80
        • Cooldown: 12s

Day, Sun and Night/Kidnapping/Predation/Fire Shield

      • Day, Sun and Night (Warrior): Baba Yaga summons a red horseman, the Sun, a white horseman, the Day, and a black horseman, the Night, all dashing towards her ennemies. At level 3, the red horseman blinds ennemy Gods he attacks and those who attacked him. At level 5, the red horseman deals damage around him every second. At level 2, the white horseman shares Physical Lifesteal with Baba Yaga, healing both the horseman and Baba Yaga when he deals damage. At level 5, the white horseman grants Baba Yaga immunity to Blind and any other sight reduction. At level 1, the black horseman Slows nearby ennemies. At level 4, the black horseman reduces ennemy sight.
        • Horsemen Health: 500/1000/1500/2000/2500 (+20% of Baba Yaga’s Health)
        • Horsemen Damage: 20/60/120/200/350 (+25% of Baba Yaga’s Physical Power)
        • Summon Duration: 30s
        • Blind Duration: 1.5s
        • Red Horseman Sun Damage: 150
        • Physical Lifesteal: 0%/25%/50%/100%/200%
        • Slow: 20%
        • Slow Duration: 3s
        • Sight Reduction: 0%/0%/0%/50%/100%
        • Sight Reduction Duration: 5s
        • Mana: 100
        • Cooldown: 30s
      • Kidnapping (Assassin): Baba Yaga catches her target and keeps it with her. The target cannot do anything while it’s captured. If the target is Immune to Crowd Control, the effect ends. Baba Yaga can ride her broom with her target and take it in her House with Chiken Legs to cook it. However, if the target turns Immune to Crowd Control in the house, it leaves and Baba Yaga is cooked instead, trapped. The capture target can only be a Minion (Jungle Bosses excepted) or a God with higher level than Baba Yaga.
        • Damage in the House: 100/250/700/1300/2000 pure per second.
        • Level difference between Baba Yaga and her target: 4/3/2/1/0.
        • Mana: 200
        • Cooldown: 90s
      • Predation (Hunter): Baba Yaga shoots an arrow then throws her bow on the target then dashes to her to devour it. The target is Slowed by the arrow, Stunned by the bow and Baba Yaga heals herself while devouring her target. Baba Yaga is Immune to Crowd Control during this skill.
        • Arrow Damage: 20/30/40/50/60 (+15% of your Physical Power)
        • Bow Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+30% of your Physical Power)
        • Bite Damage: 100/200/300/400/500 (+5% of your Physical Power) per second
        • Bite Healing: 10/20/30/60/100 (+50% of your Physical Power) per second
        • Slow: 20%
        • Slow Duration: 3s
        • Stun Duration: 2s
        • Mana: 80
        • Cooldown: 60s
      • Fire Shield (Mage) : Baba Yaga shields herself with a fire shield damaging nearby ennemies. After a while, she throws the flames to nearby ennemies, dealing damage over time. Baba Yaga can use this skill on her broom.
        • Shield Damage: 40/75/100/125/150 (+20% of your Magical Power)
        • Shield Duration: 3s
        • Flame Damage: 20/120/220/320/420 (+20% of your Magical Power) per flame
        • Flame Duration: 5s
        • Mana: 80
        • Cooldown: 14s


      • Baba Yaga rides her broom and dashes quickly, having then a Move Speed Buff and an Immunity to Slows, Roots, Knock-Up and Tremors.
        • Move Speed Buff: 30%/40%/50%/75%/100%
        • Mana: 80/75/70/65/60
        • Cooldown: 16s

The House with Chicken Legs

      • Baba Yaga summons her House with Chicken Legs. If Baba Yaga enters inside, she has a regeneration bonus and chooses then the class she wants to be. As soon as Baba Yaga chooses her class, she leaves the house and it stays on the battlefield until it is destroyed or summoned again. Using a skill in the House makes you choosing your class (in the right order: Warrior, Assassin, Hunter and Mage).
        • HP5: 50/100/150/200/250.
        • MP5: 25/50/75/100/200.
        • House Health: 5000/10000/20000/40000/100000
        • Mana: 200
        • Cooldown: 600

Recolor – Forest Witch

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Nouveaux God Skins

Exclusive | Revenger Chest



CabrULKan Cabrakan

Exclusive | Revengers Chest

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Captain Achilles Achilles

Exclusive | Revengers Chest

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Ronin Hachiman

Exclusive | Revengers Chest

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Silky Hair Thor

Exclusive | Revengers Chest

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920



Doctor Olorun Olorun

Exclusive | Revengers Chest

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Witch of the Woods Baba Yaga

Limited | 2020 Season Pass

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Baba Yaga

Mastery Skins

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Black Fenrir Fenrir

Exclusive | Revengers Chest

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

The Real One or Not Loki

Limited | 2020 Season Pass

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Coming Soon!

Screenshots: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160 | 1080×1920

Coming Soon!

Screenshots: 1920×1080| 2560×1440| 3840×2160| 1080×1920

Loki Rework

NEW Passive – Decoy

      • When Loki creates a clone, it stays on the battlefield and moves by itself. The clone base stats are 5% Loki’s multiplied by his level, excepted Health and Mana that are exactly the same. Decoys give a swordman lane minion eXPerience and Gold when killed. Clones don’t disappear after a while and level up when Loki does. Clones cannot create clones, of course, but they can use skills.
      • At Level 3, Decoys are controled by AI (easy).
      • At Level 5, Decoys split themselves all over the map.
      • At Level 10, each Decoy can transform into a random ally God not already copied.
      • At Level 13, Decoys are controlled by AI (intermediate).
      • At Level15, each Decoy can also transform into a random ennemy God.
      • At Level 18, Decoys are controlled by AI (hard).
      • At Level 20, if Loki attacks a building or a Titan or a Jungle Boss or a sole ennemy God, all Loki Decoys in a 500 units radius come attacking the same target.

Vanish [REWORK]

      • Loki becomes stealth and has a Move Speed Buff while invisible. Loki creates a Decoy when he was just before. Loki next Basic Attack deals additionnal damage. Opponents cannot see the damage they deal to Loki and so cannot know if they hit him or not.
        • Duration: 2/3/4/5/6s.
        • Additionnal Damage: 120/180/240/300/360 (+100% of your Physical Power).
        • Move Speed Buff: 25%
        • Mana: 70/75/80/85/90
        • Cooldown: 15s

Decoying Decoy [REWORK]

      • Loki create a copy of himself in front of him, Taunting nearby ennemies. After a short duration, the Decoy deals damage to all nearby ennemies and a Decoy takes his place. At Level 3, the Decoying Decoy also Taunts ennemy Gods.
        • Range : 10/25/40/55/70
        • Duration : 3s
        • Taunt Duration: 3s
        • Damage: 90/140/190/240/290 (+100% of your Physical Power)
        • Mana: 60/65/70/75/80
        • Cooldown: 12s

Attack of the Clones [NEW]

      • Loki creates a clone of himself dashing to the opponent. If an ennemy God dies, another clone appears as that ennemy God. The ennemy God death isn’t told and, until it respawns, that player cannot communicate at all with his team, no matter how. At level 3, a random VGS from a list can be sent by the clone to the ennemy team. Such a clone cannot be attacked by the ennemy team unless that clone already attacked once an ennemy God (if so, the circle under the character is still blue from the ennemy’s point of view).
        • Damage: 60/100/140/180/220 (+100% of your Physical Power)
        • Mana: 50
        • Cooldown: 12s/11s/10s/9s/8s

Betrayal [NEW]

      • Loki becomes stealth and creates a clone controlled by AI to stay near his allies. Loki cannot be seen by his allies who don’t even know his ultimate skill is used. Loki’s next Basit Attack will deal additionnal damage but he can only use it against an ally God. If Loki kills an ally God this way, he gets a stacking permanent 100 Physical Power buff and gets double Gold and eXPerience (ennemies won’t ever get the assist).
      • Additionnal Damage: 500/1000/1500/2000/2500 (+200% of your Physical Power)
      • Mana: 100
      • Cooldown: 90s

Update Release Schedule

Avril 22

  • Baba Yaga + Forest Witch, Witch of the Wood and Mastery Skins
  • Loki Rework and Loki Limited Recolor The Real One of Not
  • Revenger Chest
  • HiRezTodd Announcer Pack
  • Terror-Dactyle Camazotz Announcer Pack
  • Decoying Decoy Ward Skin

Avril 29

  • Black Fenrir Fenrir
  • Silky Hair Thor
  • Eddy Murphy Announcer Pack
  • Denton Announcer Pack

Avril 36

  • Doctor Olorun
  • Poolseidon Chest
  • Pole Dance Recall Skin and Level Up Skin
  • Plus more! Details coming soon.

Please note that these dates are tentative and subject to change.

Bug Fixes


    • • Fixed an issue where people could directly log into the game.
    • • Fixed an issue where the « 1 » key num pad made you leave the current screen.
    • • Fixed an issue about the hidden Easter event where a player could win 20 Gems everytime he would succeed 10 times in a row in the VGS mini-game with Caps Lock enabled.
    • • Fixed an issue in Ranked where the top pick player could pick Loki.
    • • Fixed an issue where wards were translated as sentries and sentries as wards in some language.
    • • Fixed an issue where the Voice Pack used wasn’t the Skin Voice Pack but the God Voice Pack.
    • • Fixed an issue where some Russian players could play with non-Russian players. This has been fixed live in the 7.3 patch.
    • • Fixed an issue where Heimdallr’s Basic Attack could hit multiple opponents at the same time.

Olympus Project

    • • Russian players have now their own server. Spanish players could access to it in a few updates.
    • • Viewer Points
      • • Decreased needed points to get esport exclusive skins. It was a bit too much. Players who have spent Gems to purchase Viewer Points will get 1000 Gems as compensation with the 7.4 update.
    • • Official Communities
      • • Official European communities will be honored (Smite España, Smite France, Smite Germany and Smite Italia for now).
      • • Tournament rewards will be back to 800/400/200 Gems.
      • • A translator will be hired from each of these communities to fix the game.
      • • Streamers will get 5000 Gems per month and will have 10 200-Gems code per week for giveaways.
      • • Viewer Points will also be earned watching their channel.
    • • Wards
      • • Despite the new Relic, many players don’t ward enough.
        • • On Conquest map, if a player has warded less than twice per 5 minutes played, a huge recall message will be displayed until that player ward enough (spammed wards don’t count).
        • • On Ranked Conquest, the player will also get a sound VQN: We need wards at max volume whatever that player’s settings. If the player has warded less than twice per 10 minutes played, he will be automatically banned from League until the season ends.

Bonus Balance – Live April 15

« We noticed some players weren’t playing Pestilence and Contagion because it wasn’t effective enough compared to anti-heal skills and others anti-heal items. We increase a bit both their anti-heal. We’re looking forward players’ feedback since we’re thinking about letting these auras stack unless they’re both from the same player. »



      • Increased Healing Reduction from 25% to 50%.






        • Increased Healing Reduction from 25% to 50%.






« Nemesis is a bit struggling these days and her shield a not punitive enough against some opponents. We increase her quality of life by increasing the damage she sends back. »


        • Increased damage sent back from 50% -> 100%.




« Xbalanque’s ultimate is lacking something. Players are used to the night and Bacchus who was played a bit with him as combo is less played too. We try to give Xbalanque back is stun to improve Xbalanque and Bacchus’s quality of life. »


Darkest of Nights

        • Now stuns again Gods moving at the end of the night for 1.5s.


7.4 Balance – From the Shadows Update (April 22)


Spear of the Magus

« Spear of the Magus is played with Kukulkan, Anubis, Merlin and Ares for some ballsy players…while many beginners or Bronze players still pick it with many characters. We give Spear of the Magus its real power but giving Penetration instead of reducing the opponent’s Protection. More balanced we hope. »

          • NEW PASSIVE: Hitting an ennemy with a skill will grant you +10 Penetration for 3s, 5 times stackable.



« According to our data, Transcendance is the least played item of the game. Why? Because it reduces early game mobility. We try to grant it a minor bonus to see if it will be more played or not. »

          • Now also grants a permanent +10% Move Speed once fully stacked.



« With Loki’s rework, we aim to give Heimdallr and Odin enough vision to counter him as in his lore. If not, Loki would be too much imbalanced and since Heimdallr and Odin are not really played much these past months, we think it will help them a bit while not enough to be banned. After all, no one wants a Loki in a game, even allies, so, they will let them open, just in case. »



The Vigilant

      • Can distinguish clones and original Gods.



Path to Valhalla

      • Can distinguish clones and original Gods.

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