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Patch Bonus 10.2

Notes de Mise à Jour

Nouveaux Costumes de Dieux

Horus Corbeau de Sang (Blood Raven)

Exclusif | Coffre Touche du Diable

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Houyi Techno-Frappeur (Techno Basher)

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Equilibrage Bonus


Héroïsme (Heroism)

Kicking off this months bonus nerfs with Heroism! This new starter is ramping up in popularity and people are starting to see its power. We are making two clear nerfs to this item – first with the shield rules so it can no longer stack with itself or other shields, and we are also increasing the cooldown. These might look like heavy nerfs, but we also want to preview a buff it will be getting in the next main update. It will soo also have a Gold per 5s effect on it as well, to help it better compete with other support starters. We expect these nerfs and that buff to put the item in a much better place going forward.

  • Cet effet ne se cumule plus avec lui-même ou d’autres boucliers, il écrasera tout bouclier plus petit, et tout bouclier plus important l’écrasera.
  • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement de 8s à 15s.
  • Notez que cet objet aura de l’Or5 lors de la mise à jour 10.3 (pas cette mise à jour bonus, donc).

Anneau des Telchines (Telkhines Ring)

Mage ADCs are up next for nerfs. They have been off to a dominant start in Year 10, but with Hunters underperforming we wanted to be careful about nerfing them too soon, and leaving Carry players with no options. Hunters have gotten some meaningful buffs, and their competition has been nerfed, so we are seeing them starting to make a comeback. Hunters wont be receiving any other direct buffs in this Bonus Update, but their competition across many other classes will be nerfed, so they should continue to rise through the back half of this update.

  • Réduction de la Vitesse d’Attaque de 20% à 15%.
  • Réduction des dégâts d’Attaque de Base de 10+3 par Niveau à 10+2 par niveau.

Anneau Cyclopéen (Cyclopean Ring)

  • Réduction de la Puissance Magique de 80 à 70.
  • Réduction des dégâts de 8% à 7% de la Santé maximale.

Classe des Assassins

Junglers have shown continued high performance through the last set of nerfs, so we have another set today. This first one being especially impactful. Taking away Pen from the entire class at level one, even at a small amount, is going to have a big impact on their base damage output. In addition to that we have a power nerf to their most purchases item (and its glyphs). The next main update will also include meaningful changes to the Jungle route and pathing, which is likely to have more impact on Junglers Gank potential.

  • Modification du bonus de Pénétration Physique des Assassins de 5+0,25 par Niveau à 2+0,4 par Niveau.

Colère du Jotunn (Jotunn’s Wrath)

  • Réduction de la Puissance Physique de 45 à 40.

Ruse du Jotunn (Jotunn’s Cunning)

  • Réduction de la Puissance Physique de 45 à 40.

Vigueur du Jotunn (Jotunn’s Vigor)

  • Réduction de la Puissance Physique de 45 à 40.

Livre de Thot (Book of Thoth)

Core Mages are also on deck for nerfs today. The Book + Tablet build has clearly cemented its place on the top of the charts, so both items are seeing nerfs. This should bring down the overall damage output of Mages, and the next main update will bring more changes to encourage other Mage builds.

  • Réduction de la Puissance Magique de 80 à 70.
  • Réduction du Bonus de Puissance Magique de 7% à 6% du Mana.

Livre de Thot Evolué (Evolved Book of Thoth)

  • Réduction de la Puissance Magique de 80 à 70.
  • Réduction du Bonus de Puissance Magique de 10% à 8% du Mana.

Tablette des Destinées (Tablet of Destinies)

  • Réduction des dégâts de 0,14% à 0,12% de votre Mana maximum.

Bouclier du Gladiateur (Gladiator’s Shield)

Last but not least we have Warriors. We are continuing to focus on the items that allow them to have high damage output, even while building tanky. These changes can also apply to Guardians, especially in Non-Conquest modes. We want these classes to continue to be tanky, but its important to bring their damage output down if that’s true. Additionally we have a buff to the Tier 2 item in the Shield tree, that had stats that were especially out of sync with its cost. This specific change wont affect any full-build power, but it will smooth out the journey to the items in the tree.

  • Réduction des dégâts de 35% à 30% des Protections conférées par les objets et compétences.

Hache Scindante (Sundering Axe)

  • Réduction des dégâts et soins de 2% à 1% de la Protection conférée par les objets.

Bouclier Tour (Tower Shield)

  • Augmentation de la Protection Physique de 15 à 30.



Lastly we have another small bug fix style buff. Heimdallr had somehow had his damage buff accidentally reverted, this is being fixed so he will do the intended higher amount of damage.

Vue Perçante (Piercing Sight)

  • Correction d’un problème où cette compétence avait un bonus annulé imprévu.
  • Inflige normalement 90/145/200/255/310 de Dégâts de Base.


Many items are being nerfed across many of the classes/roles, so only a few gods stood above the rest as needing additional nerfs. Mercury is running circles around the rest of his class right now, so he is getting some additional nerfs to bring him in line with other Assassins.

Le Plus Rapide des Dieux (Fastest God Alive)

  • Réduction du bonus de Puissance Physique de 0,06% à 0,04% par unité parcourue.
    • (Réduction maximale de 30% à 20%.)
  • Correction du texte pour indiquer que la Vitesse de Déplacement conférée par la montée de Niveau jusqu’au Niveau 7 compte pour ce passif.

Jt’ai eu ! (Made You Look!)

  • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement de 8s à 9s.


The rest of the Warrior class should be properly handled by the item buffs, but this new Warrior is still feeling a bit stronger than the rest of his competition. Emberwalk provides a huge swing in positional advantage between the Movement Speed Surtr gains and the Slow applied to enemies, we are bringing both of thes elements down slightly to make Surtr easier to evade.

Pyrobatie (Emberwalk)

  • Réduction du nombre de cumuls de bonus de Vitesse de Déplacement de 4 à 3.
    • (Réduction du bonus de Vitesse de Déplacement maximal de 30% à 25%.)
  • Réduction du Ralentissement de 20% à 15%.

Doublage des Nouveaux Costumes

  • Horus Corbeau de Sang : Sean Chiplock
  • Houyi Techno-Frappeur Houyi : Daniel Walton

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