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Patch Bonus 9.8

Notes de Mise à Jour

Nouveaux Costumes de Dieux

Anubis Mort Cryptide (Cryptid Death)

Exclusif | Evénement Odyssée

Fonds d’Ecran :

Ymir Démon Cryonique (Cryonic Demon)

Exclusif | Evénement Odyssée

Fonds d’Ecran :

Fenrir XénoRouste (Xeno Thrasher)

Exclusif | Coffre Forme de Vie

Fonds d’Ecran :

Houyi Marque de l’Hiver (Winter’s Mark)

Exclusif | Coffre Engelure

Fonds d’Ecran :


Corrections de Bugs

  • Objets
    • Anneaux Bénis des Fées, Piques de la Manticore et Boucles d’Oreilles en Ailes de Griffons
      • Correction d’un problème où ces objets pouvaient parfois perdre leurs caractéristiques en pleine partie.
  • Traduction
    • Mise à jour de la traduction du nom de CthUwU en Espagnol.

Equilibrage Bonus


Piques de la Manticore (Manticore’s Spike)

All of the earring items got some much needed adjustments in this update and now players are picking them up quite frequently. Manticore’s Spike has been the most powerful of the 4, with decent popularity too. The item provides powerful stats as well as a bonus damage focused passive which is especially rare for tank items. We are bringing down the stats across multiple different defensive lines, while taking careful precautions not to immediately overnerf the item. The earrings will continue to be a primary focus for future balance updates.

  • Réduction de la Protection Magique de 40 à 35.
  • Réduction de la Protection Physique de 40 à 35.
  • Réduction de la Santé de 350 à 300.

Ah Muzen Cab

The Bane of the Midlane, the Mage killer himself, the God of Bees: Ah Muzen Cab. He has been bullying out anyone in lane with some of the most consistent and high damage in the game. We are nerfing his lane clear and poke by bringing down the base and scaling damage on Swarm. Additionally, we are nerfing his burst-kill potential by decreasing the scaling damage on Stinger.

Essaim (Swarm)

  • Réduction des Dégâts de Base de 60/110/160/210/260 à 60/105/150/195/240.
  • Réduction de la Contribution Physique de 75% à 70%.

Dard (Stinger)

  • Réduction de la Contribution Physique de 100% à 90%.


This mage has been an absolute powerhouse in the pro league of Season 9. More nerfs are required to keep her in check. Eset brings a huge amount of utility along with a high damage Mage kit, and most importantly, she makes objective securing especially favored for her team. We are nerfing her utility and her ultimate for these reasons, she will now create smaller health shields, and do less damage and healing when charged.

Dissipation de la Magie (Dispel Magic)

  • Réduction de la Santé du Bouclier de 50/105/160/215/270 à 50/100/150/200/250.
  • Réduction de la Santé du Bouclier par ennemi touché de 40% (80% max) à 30% (60% max).

Cercle de Protection (Circle of Protection)

  • Réduction des dégâts et du soin à charge maximale de x2,5/2,75/3/3,25/3,5x à x2/2,25/2,5/2,75/3.


Love is in the air, and Cupid is certainly to blame. This lil hunter put up some huge numbers at LAN and his ranked and normal stats clearly back it up. We are partially walking back his lane clear buff to bring down his pressure, while also nerfing the damage on his Ultimate which provides strong zoning, CC, and burst damage.

Bombe-Coeur (Heart Bomb)

  • Réduction des Dégâts de Base aux Sbires de 60% à 55% à l’explosion initiale et à l’explosion finale.

Champs d’Amour (Fields of Love)

  • Réduction des Dégâts de Base de 220/300/380/460/540 to 200/280/360/440/520.


Lancelot was the star of the show during the Summer Masters SPL event! This new god has also continued to put up a very high ranked ban rate, clearly showing that he is a top priority for teams in the current meta. Lance has performed well in the Jungle, but also excelled in Solo. In this update he will be receiving base damage nerfs to his two primary damage abilities, which will punish him more for building tanky.

Fente Perçante (Piercing Thrust)

  • Réduction des dégâts de Base de 50/90/130/170/210 à 40/80/120/160/200.

Frappes Talentueuses (Skilled Strikes)

  • Réduction des Dégâts de Base du bouclier de 50/80/110/140/170 à 40/70/100/130/160.
  • Réduction des Dégâts de Base de la lance de 70/110/150/190/230 à 60/100/140/180/220.


This goddess has continued to be a top Jungler even with a nerf to her Ultimate earlier this year. Divine Judgment is especially strong in a world where gods have higher base HP, and her pace in the Jungle has remained at the top of the pack. Both of these changes should decrease her overall damage output and slow her down to be a closer match to the rest of the class.

Coupe et Tranche (Slice and Dice)

  • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement de 11s à 12s.

Jugement Divin (Divine Judgement)

  • Réduction des Dégâts de Base de 20/22,5/25/27,5/30% à 15/17,5/20/22,5/25% de la Santé maximale.

Doubleurs des Nouveaux Costumes

  • Anubis Mort Cryptide : Jacob Craner
  • Ymir Démon Cryonique : Jon Allen
  • Fenrir XénoRouste : Kit Harrison
  • Houyi Marque de l’Hiver : Jordan Haro

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