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Mise à Jour Bonus 8.11

Nouveaux Costumes de Dieux

Cerbère Prophète Infini (Infinite Overseer)

Exclusif | Odyssée

Fonds d’Ecran :

Némésis Tueuse d’Ames (Soul Slayer)

Exclusif | Odyssée

Fonds d’Ecran :

Le Roi Arthur Autorité Pourpre (Crimson Authority)

Exclusif | Coffre Autorité Pourpre

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Cabrakan Gardien aux Boucliers (Shield Guardian)

Exclusif | Coffre Gardien aux Boucliers

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Equilibrage Bonus


Amélioration de l’effet d’Anti-Soin “Bagarre”

Welcome to the SMITE World Championship patch! Our goals this patch are to make any final adjustments before the pros take to the stage and battle it out to see who are this Season’s World Champions. Adjustments made here are focused on competitive level feedback to ensure we have a fun and competitive championship. The first change is focused around Healing. We have seen a steady rise in gods that heal their team significantly and rather than nerfing them directly we want to use our global reduction to address this. The in combat pressure they provide will be mitigated by other adjustments below but this allows us to address healing that occurs in between fights.

  • Augmentation de la Réduction de Soin de 30% à 40%.
    • Ceci concerne tous les Dieux qui n’ont pas infligé ou reçus de dégâts ou d’Effet de Contrôle à/d’un autre Dieu dans les trois dernières secondes.

Couronne de Lotus (Lotus Crown)

Lotus Crown has been a potent reason for the increase in healing. Its cheap but efficient statline combined with powerful team utility makes gods that can apply it stand out above the rest of the cast. By decreasing the team utility, other gods’ strengths should have a better chance to compete.

  • Réduction du bonus de Protections Physique et Magique du passif de 20 à 15.

Ruine Divine (Divine Ruin)

The final major ‘healing’ focused adjustment is towards Divine Ruin. All other Anti-heal items feel powerful to purchase with the exception of Divine Ruin which feels noticeably weaker compared to other choices. An extra 20 Magical Power will help Mages secure their spot as a powerful Anti-heal part of a well rounded team composition.

  • Augmentation de la Puissance Magique de 90 à 110.

Hache du Guerrier (Warrior’s Axe)

Warrior’s Axe received heavy adjustments and our goals for Solo lane feeling more aggressive and combat focused were met, Warrior’s Axe is contributing too much in that regard. We are lowering how strong its direct one-on-one trading can be in the early game to ensure other starts can compete.

  • Réduction du vol de Santé de 35 à 25.
  • Augmentation du vol de Santé de 1 par Niveau à 1,5 par Niveau.

Hache Scindante (Sundering Axe)

Similar to Warrior’s Axe, Sundering provided Warrior’s with too much consistent and reliable trading. A decrease in frequency and potency of the steal will help this feel more in line with other starting upgrades.

  • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement du passif de 7s à 8s.
  • Réduction des dégâts de 3% +2% des Protections à 2% +2% des Protections.

Démon du Vent (Wind Demon)

Wind Demon provides a slew of stats that can synergize with most Hunter builds. A decrease in Attack Speed in both its base and proc will make this item less useful in all builds but still a powerful part of a Critical Strike build.

  • Réduction de la  Vitesse d’Attaque de 20% à 15%.
  • Réduction du bonus de Vitesse d’Attaque du Passif de 15% à 10%.


Artio can certainly bear another nerf given her performance, even with our most recent round of adjustments. Her strong utility from Entangling Vines and Ferocious roar will now happen less frequently. Entangling Vines also limits enemies ability to fight back with a hefty Power reduction. Decreasing this will let enemies who cannot flee have a stronger chance to fight back.

  • Vignes Empêtrantes (Rugissement Féroce) (Entangling Vines (Ferocious Roar))
    • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement de 14s à 15s dans les deux formes.
    • Réduction de la Réduction de la Puissance en forme de Druide de 5/10/15/20/25% à 5/7,5/10/12,5/15%.


Bastet has pounced up the win-rate charts with her recent rework! She still excels as an ability Assassin but with her extra healing and target isolating Ultimate her play style is much more rounded out. Each of these new components is just a whisker too potent however, giving her too much self sustain and up close burst. Decreasing these components (and setting Huntress of Bast to 90s) will let players have a better shot at surviving an encounter with this fearsome feline.

  • Traqueuse Nocturne (Nightstalker)
    • Réduction du Vol de Vie et du Vol de Vie sur les Compétences contre les Dieux de 5+1% par Niveau(25% au max) à 5+0,75% par Niveau (20% au max).
    • Réduction du Vol de Vie et du Vol de Vie sur les Compétences contre les Sbires de 5+0,5% par Niveau (15% au max) à 5+0,25 par Niveau (10% au max).
  • Chasseresse de Bastet (Huntress of Bast)
    • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement de 80s à 90s.
    • Réduction de la Contribution Physique de 100% à 90%.

Cama Zotz

Camazotzs has been a heavily contested Assassin and looks like he would continue to be a dominating presence if left unadjusted. Scaling adjustments on Vampire Bats and Bat Out of Hell will make him easier to trade with and temper the strength of the free Physical Power he gains with Screech.

  • Chauve-Souris Vampires (Vampire Bats)
    • Réduction de la Contribution Physique du coup initial de 100% à 80%.
      • (Réduction de la Contribution Physique totale de 130% à 110%.)
  • Chauve-Souris Infernale (Bat out of Hell)
    • Réduction de la Contribution Physique par coup de 40% à 35%.
      •  (Réduction de la Contribution Physique totale de 120% à 105%.)


Speaking of Assassin burst, Cliodhna’s ultimate has created some interesting highlight moments. When fighting her directly her damage and ability to secure kills feels similar to other Assassin’s; but the ult traps are often executing enemies before a fight can even begin. This should leave enemies caught by one trap in less of a dire situation and reduce the chances of being instantly killed by two traps stacked on each other.

  • Déchirement du Voile (Tearing The Veil)
    • Réduction de la Contribution Physique lors de l’ouverture de 80% à 70%.

Er Llang Shen

Erlang Shen is another jungler who is seeing a high amount of play that may limit Jungle diversity for Worlds. 72 Transformations offers heavy crowd control on a relatively low cooldown when maxxed. A reduction to Turtle’s Base Damage combined with an increase in cooldown will limit how often and how deadly this crowd control can be.

  • 72 Transformations
    • Réduction des dégâts en forme de Tortue de 65/110/155/200/245 à 55/100/145/190/235.
    • Augmentation du Temps de Rechargement de 18/17/16/15/14s à 18/17,5/17/16,5/16s.


The Morrigan offers unparalleled flexibility for players. The strong assassin playstyle in the late game combined with transforming into a powerful teamfight god can give even the most coordinated teams problems. Confusion’s long duration late game makes it especially difficult to avoid getting caught out. With a second removed The Morrigan will need to decide to commit to assassination attempt much more quickly or risk being caught out.

  • Confusion
    •  Réduction de la durée d’invisibilité de 4/4,5/5/5,5/6s à 3/3,5/4/4,5/5s.


Nike has been a consistent and reliable path to victory for many team. Barrier Formation’s long duration combined with the large team-wide slow of Sentinel of Zeus gives her tools that can be difficult to answer back again. A reduction in duration of both of these effects will open windows for better counter engagements and attacks.

  • Formation de Barrière (Barrier Formation)
    • Réduction de la durée de la compétence de 6s à 4s.
  • Sentinelle de Zeus (Sentinel of Zeus)
    • Réduction de la durée du Ralentissement de 4/4,5/5/5,5/6s à 4s à tous les niveaux.

Doubleurs des Nouveaux Costumes

  • Cerbère Prophète Infini : Major Attaway
  • Némésis Tueuse des Ames : Aimee Smith
  • Le Roi Arthur Autorité Pourpre : Cory Yee
  • Cabrakan Gardiens aux Boucliers : Matthew Waterson

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