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Atlas de la Rivière Jaune (Atlas of the Yellow River)

  • Réduction du Ralentissement de 25/30/35/40/45% à 20/25/30/35/40%.
  • Réduction du bonus de Vitesse de Déplacement de 25/30/35/40/45% à 20/25/30/35/40%.




“HEEEEEEEEYYY! Kuzenbo’s level one Sumo Slam has slain many a god. The damage potential of this ability became apparent once Sumo Slam was given a more forgiving turn radius. We like the reward Kuzenbo players get for playing aggressive and utilizing its damage, but this was simply too much.

Frappe Sumo (Sumo Slam)

  • Réduction des dégâts de 80/110/140/170/200 à 60/95/130/165/200.




Loki’s rework has hit the battleground to great reception! He has been in the majority of games and the feedback surrounding his previous frustrations seem to be greatly improved. The goal was to bring new strengths to his ability to fight enemy gods while giving enemies more room to counterplay his previous tactics. He is essentially a new god in terms of balance which means players still have some learning to do before they can fully unlock his potential. With that being said we do see some consistent feedback around power and feel and want to address those while players continue to learn him.

Agonizing Visions felt like it lacked a little damage even when getting a target stuck inside it. A boost to its scaling will help Assassin Loki’s who find good opportunities get more damage out. Flurry Strikes is also getting a scaling boost on its initial damage with an additional slow to anyone that is hit by the first five strikes. The reward for landing Flurry Strikes as well as the ability to keep someone in it was too high so these changes will help Loki bring more consistent higher damage to a fight. We will continue to watch new Loki and look forward to seeing his gameplay evolve over the course of the next few patches!

Visions Agonisantes (Agonizing Visions)

  • Augmentation de la Contribution Physique de 10% à 15%.

Frappe Rafale (Flurry Strike)

  • Augmentation de la Contribution Physique de 15% à 18% sur les 5 coups initiaux. (de 135% à 150% en contribution Physique totale, 5 coups initiaux et coup final.)
  • Chaque coup initial inflige un Ralentissement de 15% qui se rafraîchit. Le dernier coup inflige un Ralentissement de 30%.




“The snipe montages have been flowing freely ever since Rama’s heavy balance adjustments earlier this year. These changes caused Rama to skyrocket in priority to the top of the role. His lane phase and consistent damage output are both strong, but what seems to be making the biggest impact in pro play is team coordination with his ultimate to pick off high profile targets. We are taking this damage down slightly to make these picks a little harder to pull off.

Barrage Astral (Astral Barrage)

  • Réduction des dégâts de base de 180/270/360/450/540 à 180/265/350/435/520.



Sun Wukong

“In this Bonus Update we will be nerfing a lot of the top SPL picks in every role. Junglers had their items nerfed instead, but every other class will be seeing nerfs to the top 2 gods. Sun Wukong has steadily risen in performance throughout the year due to some direct buffs and meta shifts. He can dish out a lot of damage while also being extremely evasive for a Warrior. We are taking down the top-end damage on his ult to bring him in line with the rest of the class”

Nuage Culbute (Somersault Cloud)

  • Réduction de la Contribution Physique de 120% à 100%.

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