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Patch 04/04/2017 :

The Death’s Twin

Translation made by Kingkkrool.

Hypnos: God of Sleep

  • ► PANTHEON :
  • ► CLASS :

  • Passive – Deep Sleep
  • Each time an ennemy God is hit by Hypnos’s basic attack or skill, he rests and forgets his bothers. Crowd Control Reduction and Diminishing Returns are both ignored and canceled.
  • In the Arms of Morpheus
  • Hypnos targets an ennemy God and dashes to that God. The ennemy God sleeps and is Mesmerized for 1/2/3/4/5s. All ennemies hit on Hypnos path are dealt 50/80/120/150/2000 (+80% Magical Power). Hypnos is invulnerable during the skill casting and for one more second then. Hypnos can activate again that skill within the 3s to come back at his initial location just like a dream. However, he loses 25% of his current Health.
    • Mana: 80/85/90/95/1000.
    • Cooldown: 3/14/15/16/17s.
  • Dream Eater
  • Hypnos sweeps everything around him with his arm. All Mesmerized ennemy Gods on the map are dealt 10/20/30/40/50 (+200% Magical Power), aren’t Mesmerized anymore and are Feared for 0,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5s.
    • Mana: 30/50/70/90/110.
    •  Cooldown: 18s.
  • Sandman
  • Hypnos dashes and throws sand until landing in the target area. All ennemies on the path are affected by the sand and are dealt 100/200/300/400/500 (+5% Magical Power). Ennemy Gods hit at the landing don’t take any damage but are Mesmerized for 1/1,5/2/2,5/3s.
    • Mana: 50/60/70/80/90.
    •  Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6s.
  • Eternal Drowsiness
  • Hypnos casts his most powerful Sleeping spell to affect the whole map. All Gods (allies and ennemies) are Mesmerized, invulnerable and Immune to Crowd Control for 10/20/30/40/50s.
    • Mana: 500.
    •  Cooldown: 90s.

Heavy Sleep Thanatos

New God Skins

Rad Ra

ORange Ra

Ryallow Ra

GReana Ra

BlRa Ra

Radigo Ra

PuRaple Ra

RAinbow Ra

*You can purchase all these skins for 250 Gems each.

Vou can purchase the bundle et get the Limited RAinbow skin for 1500 Gems but before April 31st 2017.

Joust and Leagues

Because of the many players’ feedbacks, we decided to implement back the old Joust Map. It has of course been revisited and adjusted to Chinese theme, but you’ll find the old new Joust map in the Casual tab. When you create a custom challenge game, you can choose any of both Jousts. However, there won’t be the Joust League for a while, about four weeks.

Moreover, since the new map is more about strategy and team play, Duel League mode has been removed. However, the Duel mode becomes Casual where you’ll see your friends’s ranking.

Because of the problems with the beginning of Season 4, it’s not possible to group in queue for league.

However, you’ll be able to group in two or three players party for Duel mode.

Easter Arena

Arena has been Eastered ! A new item has been created for it:

NEW: Easter Eggs

“For this event, we wanted to create an item with a powerful power but for a very high price. Easter Eggs is a consumable just like chalice, this item is very effective but, however, you’ll need to save money to be able to buy it!

  • Cost : 7500 Gold.
  • Max Stacks : 3.
  • Hide an egg only visible for allies. When an ennemy walks on the hidden egg, he takes 4000 Damage.


Item Changes


“Relics should be legendary items, and it’s what we have based on for Season 4. We decided to suggest a new last upgrade for all Relics to be a really Legendary item. It’ll be possible to upgrade only one Relic to Legendary rank and it’ll be much more expensive but with a high Cooldown too.”

  • All Relics can be upgraded to Legendary Rank for 5000 Gold.
  • Every player can only upgrade one Relic to Legendary Rank.
TalariaBoots T3.png



  • Upgraded from Heavenly Wings.
  • Increases nearby allies Move Speed by 100% for 10s, cleanse their Slows and aren’t affected by basic attack reduction speed. Furthemore, Talaria’s wearer increases his Move Speed to 800 for 10s.
  • Cooldown: 300s.
Sanctuary Relic.png


  • Upgraded from Aegis Amulet.
  • Aegis’s bearer becomes untargetable and invulnerable for 10s. Furthemore, he can move, using basic attacks and skills.
  • Cooldown: 300s.
CursedAnkh Relic.png

Leprosic Ankh

  • Upgraded from Cursed Ankh.
  • All nearby ennemies cannot regenerate Health of Mana for 60s. For each ennemy God dead while affected by the malus, ennemy Gods near that God take this effect again and Leprosic Ankh’s bearer has an aura inverting their HP5 and MP5 for 60s.
  • Cooldown: 300s.

Crown of Thorns

  • Upgraded from Thorn Shield.
  • Opponents take 200% return damage (before reduction) for 10s. Return damage are Magical and ignore damage reduction. Works on structures.

Vortex Manipulator


  •  Upgraded from Bracer of Undoing.
  • Resets all skills, the other Relic, gain all your Health and Mana back you had the last time you were out of combat. All ennemies near Vortex Manipulator’s bear are taken in the Time Vortex and all their buffs are dispelled and their skills and Relics are on Cooldown just if they just were used.
  • Cooldown: 3000s.

Shroud of Turin


  •  Upgraded from Meditation Cloak.
  • All nearby ally Gods gain 80% of their max Health and all their Mana. Shroud of Turin’s bearer  gain all his Mana and 120% of his max Health. Health surplus is turned into a Health shield.
    This Relic can be used beyond death, if so, death is canceled just like a Resurrection. Ennemies lose back the earnt Gold (and can pass in negative) but conserve the earnt Experience.
  • Cooldown: 600s.

Zeus’s Radiance


  • Upgraded from Magic Shell.
  • The user takes Zeus real face and becomes so handsome that all ennemies looking at him at the end of the 10s are Executed. During the 10s, all nearby allies have their Protection increased to 325 and all damage are reduced by 325 after damage reduction. Zeus’s Radiance ‘s user cannot use neither basic attack neither skills dealing damage during that time.
  • Cooldown: 325s.

Hamlet’s Skull


  • Upgraded from Horrific Emblem.
  • All nearby ennemies are 99% Slowed, Disarmed and Silenced for 10s. Any ennemy standing for 5s and writing « Be or not to be » (soon in your language) dispels that effect.
  • Cooldown: 300s.

Sleipnir’s Horseshoe


  •  Upgraded from Teleport Glyph.
  • The player calls Sleipnir who creates a portal where is wants on the map for 10s. All allies can pass through the portal in both sides and as many times they want. When Sleipnir’s Horseshoe’s bearer passes through the portal the first time, Sleipnir passes just before him, Knocking Back all nearby ennemies and dealing Level*10 Damage to a nearby random ennemy, eight times.
  • Cooldown: Level*10*8s (critical chance can reduce that time).

Excalibur (Original name : WoodenSword)


  • Upgraded from Sundering Spear.
  • Cast a light thunder in front of you, hitting all ennemies in line. All hit ennemies are purified. A purified ennemy has no Protection and a 5s Recovery Time on his skills and basic attacks.
  • Cooldown: 300s.



  •  Upgraded from Hand of the Gods.
  • Stuns nearby ennemies and summons a hand catching all hit ennemy Gods and jumping to the closest ennemy God to catch all ennemies in the landing area, without any range limit, and then Knocks Back those ennemies to the ally fountain. This skills ignores Crowd control Immunity.
  • Cooldown: 300s.

1080 Beads Rosario


  • Upgraded Purification Beads.
  • Grants Crowd Control Immunity, dispels all debuffs on nearby allies, dispels all nearby summons and Execute all nearby death-kind ennemies.
  • Cooldown: 300s.

Teleport Dice or Yataaaaaaa


  • Upgraded from Blink Rune.
  • The bearer can teleport wherever he wants on the map, even in combat. However, the cost is 10 Gold and 10 Exp per range unit.
  • Cooldown: 0s.

Magic Lamp


  • Upgraded from Phantom Veil.
  • Drops a Lamp on the ground. The user becomes a spirit being able to pass through everything and everyone for 180s. He is not affected by ground effects neither physical attacks and is Crowd Control Immune. His basic attacks becomes Magical and he cannot use any skill. However, he cannot go further than 500 units from the Lamp. Any God can pick the Lamp in his Consumables. The spirit cannot attack the Lamp bearer’s allies neither the Lamp bearer neither pick the Lamp himself. The Lamp bearer can use the Lamp to teleport the spirit to him, dealing 500 Damage to all nearby ennemies then dispelling the effect, that make the Lamp disappearing. If the Lamp bearer dies, the Lamp drops.
  • Cooldown: 300s.


P Boots Basic.png

Boots Tree

“Characters have two feet, therefore, purchasing Boots will reduce by 50% the Move Speed. However, you can purchase a second boot to cancel this. However, Gods not walking physically on the ground cannot purchase boots. Those with more than two feet will have to purchase more.”

  • Ah Muzen Cab, Amaterasu, Ao Kuang, Aphrodite, Cupid, Hades, He Bo, Hel, Janus, Kukulkan, Medusa, Nox, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Ra, Scylla, Sol, Thanatos, Thoth and Zeus cannot purchase boots anymore since don’t walk physically on the ground.
  • Vulcan can only purchase one boot.
  • Chiron, Fenrir et Sylvanus have to purchase four boots to cancel the effect.
  • Khepri has to purchase six boots to cancel the effect.
  • Arachne has to purchase eight boots to cancel the effect.
TalariaBoots T3.png


  • Renamed into Oriental Slippers.

“Items are limited, depending on the God and their number. A character can only wear one weapon, one helmet and one breastplate.



Death’s Toll

  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Thanatos and Hypnos.
ShortBow T1.png

Bow Tree

  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Hunters.
AncientBlade T1.png

Blade Tree

Bloodforge T3.png


Deathbringer T3.png


Malice T3.png


  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Gods with a Sword.
Cudgel T1.png

Hammer Tree

Mace T1.png

Sledgehammer Tree

  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Bellona.
Katana T1.png

Katana Tree

Rage T3.png


  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Loki and Susano.
Shuriken T1.png

Bolas Tree (previously Shuriken)

  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Xbalanque.
MorningStar T1.png

Star Tree

SpearofDesolation T3.png

Spear of Desolation

SpearoftheMagus T3.png

Spear of the Magus

  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Gods with a Spear.
EtherealStaff T3.png

Ethereal Staff

RodofAscelpius T3.png

Rod of Asclepius

RodofTahuti T3.png

Rod of Tahuti

  • Equipment Type: Weapon.
  • Limited to Gods with a Staff.


IronMail T1.png

Mail Tree

EnchantedKusari T1.png

Kusari Tree

MailofRenewal T3.png

Mail of Renewal

  • Equipment Type: Breastplate.
Breastplate T1.png

Breasplate Tree

  • Equipment Type: Earrings.


ImperialHelmet T1.png

Crown Tree

  • Equipment Type: Helmet.

Other Changes

GemofIsolation T3.png

Gem of Isolation

  • Can only be purchased if you have already a Staff.
Polynomicon T3.png


BookoftheDead T3.png

Book of the Dead

BookofThroth T3.png

Book of Thoth

SoulReaver T3.png

Soul Reaver

  • Needs the item Shelf.

NEW: Shelf

  •  Equipment Type : Breastplate.
  • Cost: 500.
  • Grants +10 Physical Protection.
  • Is destroyed if you’re hit by a Fire type attack (if so, your Books are destroyed too).

God Changes

“In this patch, we wanted to start to increase the « match-up » principles. Therefore, some charactes got buffs or nerfs depending on their allies or opponents.”



  • Heavenly Reflection
  • Be hit by Medusa’s Petrify while the Mirror is charging grants you Immune to that skill and sends it back as if you were the caster. Medusa is automatically Petrified by this skill.



  • Impale
  • If Anhur hits Ah Muzen Cab, Arachne, Camazotz or Cupid, and if he makes them hitting a wall, that ennemy is pinned against the wall and is Roots, Silenced and Disarmed for 30s.



  • Reach
  • If Athena has a Standard skin, the recolored, Shield of the Gorgon, Red Star or Winter Olympian, she can spot Russian players in game. Athena allies got infinite penetration again that scourge.


  • Drunk-O-Meter
  • Bacchus cannot drink any non-alcoholic potion. Because of the law, he cannot drink any potion anymore.
  • Intoxicate
  • When he uses that skill, Drunk-O-Meter gauge is empty and evenly split between ennemy Gods hit. For every percent of the gauge they get, they are under Intoxicate one more second. It’s not a Crowd Control effect anymore and Crowd Control Immunity cannot prevent this effect.



  • Eat Minion
  • Bakasura can eat how many minions he wants (and of course regurgitate them with his ultimate skill). However, each time he eats a minion, he has a chance to explode because have eaten too much, and if so, dies instantly. Death is caused by the last eaten minion. The more minions eaten, the more chance to explode.



  • Rain Dance
  • This skill protects from flames and cancels every Agni’s basic attack or skill. Other fire type characters are not affected.



  • Jade Rabbit
  • Jade Rabbit is now alive. Each time sometimes walks on it, it’s crushed and dies. Jade Rabbit’s resurrection time depends on its level. The more shopping it does for Chang’e, the higher level, reducing chances to get crushed but increasing respawn time. If Jade Rabbit is crushed by an ennemy God, he might turn into White Rabbit. White Rabbit doesn’t obey to Chang’e anymore and is targetable but only ennemy Gods can attack it. White Rabbit can be a normal Rabbit and die because of a basic attack or it can be an Ferocious Rabbit who jumps at other’s throat and deals 5000 Damage to a nearby ennemy God.



  • Herbal Medecine
  • If Hercules is in his side, Hercules gets a +20% EXPerience passive bonus.

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  • Unbound Runes
  • Fenrir has an aura around him. If Tyr is nearby, he’s Feared for 5s.



  • Brisingamen’s Blessing
  • Each time an ennemy God dies, a little Valkyrie flies next to him. For every little Valkyrie, that God’s Move Speed is reduced by 1% and his MP5 are reduced by 1.

He Bo


  • Atlas of the Yellow River
  • Extinguishes Agni’s Path of Flames.

Hou Yi


  • Suntouched
  • Cannot attack Chang’e or cast a skill which targeter hits Chang’e. If Chang’e is hurt because of Hou Yi, he dies.



  • New Passive: Dwarven Key
  • When there is a Janus in game, Gold Fury and Fire Giant are sealed in a cage only a Janus’s Portal can pass through. Everytime Janus is killed, his killer wins a key. If seven keys are on the field, a random key is taken instead. Other Bosses on the map raise an enigma if you stay next to them for 10s without attacking them. If the player writes the right answer, he gains a key. If the players of the same team are next the cage with seven keys, the Fire Giant cage opens for 90s. Players have to search E, I, M, S and T letters on minions to open the Gold Fury cage. It is instantly killed by the team and all players come back to base automatically. The Fire Giant appears, then, and you have to open the cage the same way.



  • Water Bowl
  • Now, Chaac’s Rain Dance, Poseidon’s Tital Surge, Poseidon’s Release the Kraken! and Sobek’s Lurking in the Waters fill Kuzenbo’s Passive gauge.



  • Fastest Gold Alive
  • If a God has more Move Speed than Mercury, Mercury’s Move Speed becomes that God’s Move Speed plus 50. If a player uses Talaria, then Mercury’s Move Speed turns to 1000.



  • Flame of the Night
  • Nox gets 50% Magical Power bonus during Xbalanque’s Darkest of Nights.



  • Static Crescendo
  • Raijin’s basic attacks and skills deal 100% more damage to Intoxicated ennemies, in Bakasura’s « belch », in Chaac’s Rain Danse, on He Bo’s Atlas of the Yellow River, against He Bo, against Kuzenbo if his passive if fully charged, to ennemies in Nu Wa Mysterious Fog, to ennemies in Poseidon’s Whirlpool, against Poseidon and against Sobek if he’s using Lurking in the Waters.



  • Acorn of Yggdrasil
  • If Ratatoskr doesn’t kill any ennemy for one minute, he eats his Acorn that loses a rank and is destroyed if it was Rank 1 (but it can be purchased back for 500 Gold).



  • Speed of Light
  • Ra loses 50% of his Magical Power if he’s hit by a skill from Nox, The Morrigan or during Xbalanque’s Darkest of Nights.



  • Frostbite
  • Ymir takes twice more damage against Agni’s fire attacks and Ra’s Sun. Because he’s really manly, he isn’t affected more by Sol’s attacks.

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